Per Wis Stats 985.02(2) & Wheatland Resolution 2015-012, public notice of certain legal notices will be given by posting at these locations: Town of Wheatland website, Town Office and Transfer Station.




Resolutions - 2020

Resolution 2020-001 - 84th St "No Parking"

Resolution 2020-002 - 2019 Budget Amendment

Resolution 2020-003 - Fire Dept. Equipment Fund Addition

Resolution 2020-004 - No action - matter deferred

Resolution 2020-005 - 84th St Parking Revision



NOTICE - If you wish to be notified of any proposed land use change ordinance or amendment, you can contact the town clerk to place your name on a notification list.


Lilly Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District

Lilly Lake News & Information

2019 Lilly Lake DNR Aquatic Plant Treatment Permit Approval

Lilly Lake Newsletter - August 2019

2019 Lilly Lake Invasive Aquatic Weed Treatment Report & Map


November 3, 2020 Election Registration & Voting Information


Please respond to the U.S. Census if you have not done so!



Lilly Lake High-Water Relief Outlet Structure Bid Information

Summary of bid tabulations

Bid recommedation

2020.9.3_Outlet Project Plans


SLOW - NO - WAKE order has been lifted

for Lilly Lake, effective immediately.



Halloween Trick or Treat - Town of Wheatland

Sunday, October 25, 2020 - 2 - 5 p.m.




Point & Pay Credit Card Service

Pay town fees, licenses, permits, taxes, municipal court by credit card. Click on link below.


New phone number

Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc.

(920) 749-1995